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The Fugu speakers were created out of the need for convincing nearfield speakers to gain the right sound to work on our mixes and masterings. Designed and developed by sound engineers Michael Brändli and Florian Wetter from Hardstudios recording Studio Switzerland. These passive speakers are built in a wooden, spherical cabinet, which can be aligned perfectly on little stands according to the listeners need. It is possible to mount the Fugu speakers with a hanger on a mic stand or even on the wall.


The Fugu speakers main feature is their superior sound quality representation in a compact unit. Using a single broadband speaker in a sealed enclosure, fine-tuned with high quality passive filter elements, all phase coherence issues are prevented. Fugu speakers have an impressive natural transient response with a flat frequency response and a precise stereo. The linear loudness behavior offers the possibility to work on very low listening levels.


The Fugu socket gives you the ability to move the speaker in every direction. Therefore it allows creative positioning of the speakers at your workstation. When positioning the speaker you should direct the phase plug (silver spike in the middle oft he speaker) towards you. We recommend placing the speakers at your ears height in a classic equilateral triangle.


System Type: Passive, full-range pair

Impedance: Nominal 8 Ohm

Frequency Response: full range

Sensitivity (2.83V, 1m): 81 dB

Maximum Power Rating (Nominal/Music):  60/100 W

Recommended Power: 100-200W

Connector: Binding Post, 20mm2 max.

Driver: 4,33“

Cabinet: Sealed Spherical Cabinet

Cabinet Material: Birch Multiplex

Socket Material: Black rubber

* Dimensions: Diameter 196mm maximum

* Weight: 2.2 kg per Speaker, 2.25 kg Socket included

*Fugu speakers are handcrafted and made out of natural materials; some specifications can therefore deviate minimally without affecting the systems performance.


michael brändli

Michael Brändli studied electronics, before getting his degree as a sound engineer. These two disciplines brought together the technical know-how to realize the Fugu speakers. After more than ten years of working for a high-end studio, like Hardstudios, Michael knows exactly how a pair of perfect speakers should sound.

florian wetter

Florian started his career as a professional instrument maker developing the most important tools for musicians. Now he wants to make sure hat they sound good on any recordings too. His expertise contributed significantly to make the ideal spherical wooden enclosure for the Fugu speakers. 


For me, the Fugu speakers mean the phase benefits of a one-way system combined with a linear frequency response and more extreme transient accuracy
Christian Schäppi, Soundengineer FA at

The acquaintance to the Fugu speakers was probably love at first sound. They look cool and with the Irish style, fit perfectly to my analogue production mix. The sound they produce is a class of its own and exceeds all expectations. I quite easily find the right balance of a song with the Fugus, I can recognise bass instruments in the mix up to deep E and can hear precisely what is happening in the stereo image.
Johannes Eberhard, Studio A-West Winterthur

The spherical shape suits our bunker very well. The tracking and the highly pleasing frequency response work perfectly in our production. Besides the incredible tracking, the Fugus are in no way gimmicky. Diving into the stereo width is recognised as an incredible experience by the musicians. The Fugus are a blessing to me as someone highly sensitive to level.

Ruedi Tobler, Egelpuffstudio

The Fugu C4 have become my loyal companions in each studio. They are compact and transportable and, thanks to the base, can be precisely aligned to the ear even on sloping surfaces. They perfectly complement one-way systems. During the recordings, they make the rough mix a lot easier because of their transparent sound.  When mixing is about balance, panorama, compression or effects, the Fugus are unbeatable thanks to their linear phase response and transient loyalty. Despite this precise playback, working with the Fugu C4 is less tiring and allows one to listen to the music as it is, particularly for the masters.... Fugu rocks!
Andy Neresheimer, Recording and Mixing Engineer

As well as producing perfect sound, the Fugus also look great! Enjoy them!
Andreas Krüsi, CEO & Member of the Board, Adon Production


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